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Your agency will have invited you to join a contract via an email. Click on the link in the email, set your password and that’s it, you’re all set.
Your login details are now your email address and password. To log in, go to our homepage and click on the ‘Log in’ button on the top right.
There are several options for this and the one you should choose, depends on the current status of the timesheet.
To find out the status of the timesheet you can either view it from the Timesheet summary page or the Timesheet detail page. To navigate to the summary page, click on 'Timesheets' in the lefthand menu. The status of the timesheet should be obvious from there. To navigate to the Timesheet detail page, go to the Timesheet summary page and click on the timesheet you're looking for. The Timesheet status will be towards the top right of the page.

If the timesheet is pending
You can simply delete it.

If the timesheet is accepted
Speak to your agency.

If the timesheet is rejected
It doesn't matter, you don’t need to do anything, just resubmit for the correct date.
Depending on your role, you have different permissions for timesheet deletion as follows:

For agency admins: You can delete a timesheet in any status (Pending, accepted, rejected) at any time.

For contractors: You can delete your timesheets only whilst they are in the pending status.

Authorisers: You cannot delete timesheets.

how to delete a timesheet

Go to wherever the timesheet is, this could be the timesheet summary page, under the contract detail (timesheets tab) or within the contractor detail page (timesheets tab).

Hover over the timesheet and under the 'Actions' column to the right, click on the bin. Give your reason when prompted and the timesheet will be deleted.

You will now be able to submit a new timesheet for that contract and that date if required.
To submit a timesheet for authorisation:
1. Log in using the email address that you were invited to the system with.
2. Assuming you only have one role, you will be taken straight to the 'Timesheet summary' page (this is in the header). If you are not on this page, select 'Timesheets' on the left-hand menu.
3. Click 'Add timesheet' button in the top right.
4. If you are on multiple contracts with the same agency, select the contract that you would like to submit a timesheet for. If you are only on one contract, this will be pre-selected and there won't be a drop down option.
5. Select the date
If on a weekly contract: the first Monday of the week that you are submitting your timesheet for.
If on a monthly contract: the first day of the month that you are submitting a timesheet for.
6. Adjust the times as necessary.
Note: This is for a day rate contract, you will see a slightly different view if you are paid by the hour.
7. Click 'Add timesheet' button at the bottom right.
From the timesheet detail page you can download a PDF of your timesheet. To do this:
  1. Go to Timesheets (in the left hand menu) and then select the timesheet you want to view the detail for by clicking on it. Once you're there, you should see "Timesheet detail" in the top centre of the page.
  2. Just below the page title on the left is a button labelled "Download as PDF"- click this and the download will automatically commence.
So, you’re looking to get your timesheet in a Word format?
This isn’t something we support yet but if you would like to get the same outcome:
  1. Download your PDF timesheet by either checking your emails or go into the timesheet detail page via your dashboard. Navigate here by: Timesheets (left hand menu) > Select the timesheet you want > hit the ‘Download as PDF’ button to the top left of the timesheet.
  2. Go to any of the following sites and follow the instructions:
    1. freepdfconvert.com
    2. simplypdf.com
    3. ilovepdf.com

If this is something that you regularly need to do and you would like to upvote the feature then please email us at help@savetrees.co.uk.
Dates are defined by your agency and are set at a contract and contractor level.
Date pickers only display the dates that are within the start and end dates set to you as an individual contractor and hide any dates outside of this.
If you need to submit a timesheet for a date that you cannot see, then get in touch with your agency and ask them to change your start or end dates as applicable.
If you forget your password and remember your email address, follow the steps below.
If you have forgotten your password and your email address, speak to your agency and ask them which email address they have associated with you on the system.

quick fix instructions

Either go to the timesheet login page for your agency (this will normally be on their website) or, you can reset your password here and follow the instructions.
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